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10 years of perfect development, design and construction for resorts, hotels, corporate and private projects has ensured DALID is regarded by clients within the international market as having the highest of customer focused attention.

Our most significant Projects and achievements for the period 2014–2019:

  • Design and construction of Spa facilities Wellness center GYMMAXX
  • Design and construction of Spa facilities Hotel complex “Beskyd”
  • SPA-, Wellness-facilities ❝Globino❞ — Design, construction and organization of a more than 1200 m² corporate spa complex.
  • Gino Paradise Tbilisi Georgia — Design and construction of Spa facilities and a snow room for the Aqua park, covering an area of over 6 hectares.
  • Bioli Medical Wellness Resort — Design and development of a series of specialist facilities within this 30 hectare resort.
  • Medical Wellness Resort Ureki — Design and development of spa a complex for the resort, situated in 7 hectares of the beautiful Black Sea coast of Georgia.
  • Private Spa on Al Mina Island Abu Dhabi — Development of an exclusive Spa facility and participation in designing a private Spa for the residence of a member of the Royal family. The project Spa covered an area of 2400 m².
  • Hawaii Water Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan — Design,development and engineering of the spa complex covering an area of 2000 m².
  • Hainan Island snow resort(Hainan Province China) — Design and development of rooms and facilities for the resort on the shores of the South China Sea. 

We offer

Initial consultation
Conception and development
Spa Architecture
SPA Design
Technical design
Spa Construction management

Initial consultation

We clearly understand and appreciate the importance of providing personal support for the project from the outset. Providing all the required information and giving advice on any matter regarding the project.

We analyze and assess the information provided about the property and adjacent territory. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the project to help prevent unnecessary costs. Provide strategic recommendations to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

Conception and development

A successful and long-term involvement in world-class spa projects has brought DALID to the high level of expertise at which we now confidently operate.

Whether it's a private spa or complex, hotel or resort, spa complex, we always ensure the client receives our unique distinctive involvement and implementation of their dream project.

At this point we are checking everything in the minutest detail ensuring strategic planning and the estimated value of the project is as accurate as possible.

It is also possible to order a specific detailed economic analysis post implementation costs and profits for understanding the potential success of the project.

Spa Architecture

Architecture is a kind of philosophy manifested within the structure that contains the external and internal visual impact and individuality. Successful architecture delights and inspires, gives appreciation of not only the subject, but also the locality. Cultural and geographical features also come into focus.

Our circle of established partners consists of architects, including high-level masters with Harvard education, who provide a unique and customer focused confidence in the profitability of future projects.

SPA Design

The DALID team is one of the most powerful creative teams in the global SPA industry. In some respects we set fashion trends and help to shape our industry. Not only private and commercial clients, but also colleagues from respected spa industry constructors from Germany, Canada, China and other countries apply to us for high-class design ideas.

The latest developments and trends of combined design, superior materials, dynamic interactive installations on the elements of nature, aromatic and colour scenarios, all this translates into ready solutions for our customers.

Technical designе

Our team, having a vast experience in the design of internal engineering networks, spa-oriented facilities worldwide, create masterpieces of engineering: draft ventilation, heating, electricity, water ...

We take into account multiple factors including development of energy-efficient systems, focusing on safety and practicality, providing the highest hygiene and safety standards, along with the latest design in spa equipment, and technology. In general, we aim to provide comfort, style and profitability.

Spa Construction management

After all the inspired design work, the physical implementation phase begins. As a rule, DALID performs all phases of construction. Our professional expertise and services in the field of spa complex construction, has won recognition from customers worldwide.

The creation and delivery of “turnkey” Luxury Spa-complexes

Design, Construction and Engineering of public, сorporate and private Spa facilities.

Our work:

We always have something with which to surprise our customers. Design and development of new products and services, constant monitoring of developments and trends in the spa-industry gives us the ability and opportunity to complete and create the most beautiful, functional and profitable facilities for our clients.

  • 2019
    Kiev, Ukraine

    Wellness center GYMMAXX

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  • 2018

    Hotel complex “Beskyd””

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  • 2017
    Ureki, Ozurgeti District, Georgia

    “Ureki” Spa and Wellness Resort

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  • 2016–2017

    Bioli MEDICAL WELLNESS resort

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