Glycerine waterfalls with LED backlight in ❝GiNo Park Tbilisi❞

This type of waterfalls spreads a special charm and delight, makes the interior refined, and creates an atmosphere of appeasement. Two waterfalls were set in an entrance lobby, and three more — in the SPA room with columns and a swimming pool.

Waterfall with glycerine beads is self-sufficient engineering and decorative construction serving to interior decoration purposes. Waterfall works on the principle of an independent closed-loop cyclical system of fluid flow.

The working liquid is glycerine but not water. Such choice is based on its unique physical properties (transparency, viscosity, density, environmental safety, absence of smell) which let us combine engineering and design solutions with high decorative effect to the most possible extent.

This glycerine waterfall is constructed in Ukraine and subsequently exported to Georgia, Tbilisi on condition of CPT with final installation performed by our company.

The aim of the project was the physical construction and installation of five waterfalls with glycerine beads in the large SPA, WELLNESS, Aquapark GiNo Park Tbilisi.

Engineering features

  • Development and design for usage in severe temperature conditions.
  • LED lighting with narrowly directed optics, illumination of waterfall surface from above and below.

Duration of project — April–June 2014.