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DALID, LLC has been manufacturing snow rooms for 9 years. The company finds innovative solutions and technologies on the base of its own experimental production. Therefore it helps to ensure the high quality of products for spa and wellness resorts.

— Feel the atmosphere of the shiny winter day and enjoy the boost of freshness and energy in the unique snow room.




Keeping eye on the design of snow rooms on the international market we prepare own solutions taking into account the vision of the client. The participation in the exhibitions gives us the general overview of the main tendencies and enables us to stay on top of the industry. For ten years on the market we became the one who set trends in snow rooms.


To construct the snow room we use 85 percent the German materials and equipment and 15 percent DALID developments. Ten years in this business let DALID achieve best results: moderate prices, high quality, uniqueness, and two-year warranty.

The purest natural dry snow, the air, the drink water and DALID innovative technologies. No chemical admixtures and reactants. Our snow is much more pure then the snow in the nature. We ensure the high quality of the snow without ice crystals.

The temperature in the room is set to 0 to -8 degrees Celsius.

The snow rooms and equipment produced and installed by DALID are connected to the central panel of our engineers via Internet twenty four hours a day, 365 days in a year.

DALID snow rooms have been operated for over 9 years. The first product was built in 2008 and is still used successfully. At the beginning of 2019, we commissioned two snow rooms: for the SPA complex of the GYMMAXX fitness center, the second for the Sulfur Bath & Spa Chreli Abano. In 2020, a snow room was made in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Snow rooms DALID

In 2016 we developed snowing systems of the last generation for enclosed insulated rooms. To create them we used the developments, tests and experience of 9 years of production.

Since 2020, we have been making natural ice walls that can be either integrated into snow rooms or used separately.

Ice walls

  • Ice walls
  • Ice walls
  • Ice walls

We use our own successful developments which save up to 31 percent of energy comparing to old technologies and solutions.

The functionality, the insurance of industrial hygiene and safety standards are our man goals.

2016 we export our products worldwide.

Snow room project

snow room price

We offer good value for money and always provide the price for turnkey solutions including EXW reasonable transport and travel expenses. The price will be sent to the customer within one hour after discussion of details and location of the object.

The warranty for the product is for 1 year.

The price of equipment for a snow room 2019.
46 900 €
to 5 m²
62 900 €
6–8 m²
79 900 €
9–12 m²
The price is given on the EXW terms for Kiev. The construction of a thermally insulated room and finishing of a snow room shall be agreed upon additionally.
The series BUSINESS and BUSINESS PRO only meet the requirements for the commercial use.

Indoor snow ice parks

We design and implement indoor snow ice amusement parks.

our experience

  • Building a Snow Room in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2020);
  • Snow room for Wellness center GYMMAXX. Kiev. Ukraine (2019);
  • Snow room at Sulfur Bath & Spa Chreli Abano located in the historical district under UNESCO protection. Tbilisi. Georgia (2019);
  • Development of the snow room and planning of the line of products for Bioli Medical Wellness Resort, on the territory over 30 ha (2016);
  • Development of the snow room and planning of the spa center for Medical Wellness Resort Ureki, on the territory over 7 ha at the black sea coast in Georgia (2016);
  • Development of the snow room and exclusive spa elements for spa in the residency of the royal family member, ABUDHABI SPA AT MEENA ISLAND, area of the spa zone 2400 m² (2016);
  • Development and planning of the snow room for resort on the Hainan island — 海南 China, at the coast of the South China Sea, under construction (2016);
  • Planning and construction of spa elements and snow room for water park in Gino Paradise Tbilisi Georgia, on the territory over 6 ha (2014–2015);
  • Planning, design and construction of the snow room 3600х2300 for private customer, Dnepr city, Ukraine (2010).
  • Design, planning, construction and installation of the snow room 3600х2400 for private customer, Kiev region, Ukraine (2008);