Hammam (Turkish bath or Turkish steam room) is one of the most efficient methods of physiotherapeutic influence over a body health and an appearance of skin of a person.

The particularity of Turkish bath is that the temperature of a floor and deck chairs is 40–52 °C, the humidity in the room reaches 60–80%, and such conditions let clients stay in the bath without any kind of discomfort long enough. Steam with a pleasant scent, quiet music and soft warmth of marble surfaces relieve fatigue, psychologically liberate and heal a body.

In Turkish bath people usually lie on the hot stone (mainly in ventricumbent position) and sweat, as it is said this bath ❝cleans body and soul from malignant demons and let them be born again❞.

When an excessive sweat pearls down a massage will be started — firstly will be massaged a forehead, temples, cheekbones and then it will be proceeded to neck and shoulders and next to a chest and legs — so the body becomes free from a lassitude, muscles become flexible, and organism is set free from many harmful substances.

DALID, LLC provides professional services in planning, design, engineering, construction and finishing of hammams, Turkish baths, mosaic and marble steam rooms and other spa and wellness zones.

Design, development, implementation and provision of interiors with units made of natural stone (marble, onyx, quartzite, travertine) are also our specialty.