The resort is located in the pine forest on the Black sea coast, in the village Shekvetili, in the west of Georgia. Together with the famous and outstanding architect Georgyi Khmaladze and the company Khmaladze Architects DALID LLC developed Spa Wellness Medical Center.

June 2016 the — project of Georgyi Khmaladze was awarded with the Prize “Special mention of the jury” at the Architizer A+ Awards, one of the most prestigious international architects award programs of the world, in New York.

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The resort is located in the pine forest on the black sea coast. The existing rich vegetation, topography and orientation towards adjacent sea shore are the key drivers of the design.

The project features hotel and a wellness center. Three main components: the main building, the forest suites and the garden suites form the 90 guestroom hotel with diverse spatial conditions.

To preserve existing environment, the main building was placed in a location free of trees and intense vegetation. The building is divided into two main volumes, one on the ground level, sunk into the artificial hills, and the other one elevated above the treetops. The ground level houses main lobby, wellness center and all supporting spaces (administration & storage). It is connected to the rest of the building with three structural cores, which both support the volume above and serve as vertical circulation shafts - one for stair, other one for guest elevators and the last one for service lifts. The upper volume is lifted to 18 meters above the ground both to provide hotel suites with direct sea view while leaving an open space below for sheltered decks with various activities. By doing so, the building no longer obstructs the horizon view at the ground level.

The forest suites take advantage of the existing topography. They are placed on little hills farther from the sea shore, from where the sea view and horizon are visible. The forest suite is an individual freestanding structure of two levels, where the lower one is a living space with outdoor deck with small pool and the upper one has two bedrooms.

The garden suites are placed on the most flat and lowest location and feature private gardens with pools.