Experience shower with therapeutic functions

In this project the customer having carefully studied the specialization and portfolio  DALID, LLC, chose us to implement an experience shower made according to individual development with therapeutic functions in the private SPA.

In parallel we were ordered to implement a snow room which we also successfully completed.

What a kind of "beast" is this experience shower?

A shower was always used not only as a mean of hygiene, but as an effective way to relieve fatigue and stress. Due to realization of the new concept of the shower the effectiveness of its emotional impact increased in several times. Now the shower is not just a place where people wash, this is the place where new wonderful emotions appear.

The combination of different temperature regimes with the system of pre cooled water, aromatherapy, chromotherapy in combination with the automation system allows a variety of beneficial emotional impact on people. Different types of water jets from weightless cold mist to tropical rain with huge drops, a cascading waterfall, complemented with LED illumination, coupled with the software switch between the various nozzles will leave an unforgettable impression on any visitor.

Complete contrast douche is a kind of water treatment, in which alternating hot (41–45°C) and cold (8–17°C) water. This is a great refreshing, invigorating and training tool. Shower affects the blood vessels and connective tissue. Warm water relaxes and cold improves muscle tone and blood vessels.

A contrast douche beneficially effects on a human body. Moreover, its impact is inhomogeneous. Firstly, the contrast shower relaxes the body, restores the proper operation of the cardiovascular system, stabilizes the nervous system, strengthens the immune system.

Stress effects. The body is relaxed before the procedure. When dousing with pre cooled water the body goes into a short stressful condition and activates the whole range of protective and immune capacity which has very beneficial effect on its general condition.

The beneficial effect on the heart. Pre cooling water affects the heart rhythm and motility of the heart. At moderate contrast procedures arrhythmia reduces or disappears, a function of the heart will be improved.

An effects on the respiratory system. An influence of pre cooled water on a back or chest increases the time of inhalation and exhalation and consequently increase the pulmonary ventilation on 250–900 cubic centimeters.

An effects on the vascular system of the body. Cold makes our blood vessels and capillaries shrink, so that the internal organs and the skin becomes healthier, the aging process slows down.

An effects on a blood composition. Cold treatments contribute to an increase of red blood cells.

An effect on a muscle strength. Pouring improves muscle tone.

An effect on a metabolism. A dousing significantly speeds up the metabolism, and the colder the water is, the faster the process is.

But do not perceive it as a guide to action — prior using it consult a physician.

Massage experience shower with the system of pre cooled water also contributes to the regulation of blood supply in tissues and accelerate the redox processes there, the excretion of metabolites, elimination of stagnation and microtraumatic damages in the locomotor system. 

In EXPERIENCE SHOWER an effect of contrast douche is programmed individually, preferably after consultation with the client's physician taking into account the gradual increase of time and temperature parameters, and all switching of temperatures, water pressure are fully automated with a mandatory protection from burnings.

Why is the idea of ​​contrast shower first guards and the procedure starting with the right program is pleasant? Because now we have really hot or cold water, not cool or very warm (time of water temperature changes from hot to cold is about 1.5 seconds). As a result of fast switching we do not have time to freeze or burn and the tone of the body rises much faster. In addition, such a rapid shift of hot-cold water do not create an additional load on a heart.

Experience shower can function as:

  • warming shower,
  • cooling shower,
  • massage showers,
  • shower with chromotherapy features,
  • a relaxing shower inclusive shower with psychophysical relaxation,
  • contrast shower for full tempering according to individually designed programs (therapeutic function),
  • recovery tools for working capacity,
  • multi-function, multi-mode with the possibility of the individual software settings.

Our distinguished services:

  • a deep practical and scientific experience in the design and implementation of specialized luxury SPA products;
  • successfully implemented unique objects which are operated "without a hitch";
  • the opportunity to see and experience the physically implemented products which are in operation for more than 1 year in the SPA of our customers;
  • ensuring the quality and timing.

DALID, LLC provides professional services for individual development, design and manufacture of luxury experience showers.