Architecture and interior of the room with a pool

The purpose of an object: a room with a pool as a part of corporate spa and wellness center ❝Globino❞.

Functions of DALID, LLC:

  • planning, development, design, engineering;
  • constructional engineering;
  • general contract (physical implementation).

Implementation: 11.05.2014–07.03.2015
Current condition: put into operation
Address: Ukraine, Globino city

Architectural particularities of a room

Ceiling hight — 3,300 mm, square — 232.49 m², in the pool there is an overflow pool 25,00 x 4,00 m.

Three independent constructions of architectural glazing of aluminum shapes ❝schueco❞ triple-glazed with crossing into bow window are 240 m². Architectural glazing fills the room with natural light, gives a feeling of lightness and openness, so that space is not perceived as isolated, but it merges with nature.

Particularities of interior

The materials color and texture used in interior are similar to natural.

Modern style is combined with a note of ecological minimalism.

An interior space is seen easily, concisely and agilely. As an accent appear stained glass art, benches decorated with wooden elements and parts of the walls with natural schist.

Due to successful architecture the interior is perceived as an object organically combined with nature.

DALID, LLC provides professional services in planning, design, engineering and construction of spa and wellness facilities, spaces with pools.