Spa hall

The purpose of an object: spa hall in spa and wellness center ❝Globino❞.

Functions of DALID, LLC:

  • planning, development, design, engineering;
  • constructional engineering;
  • general contract (physical implementation).

Area: 122 m²
Implementation: 11.05.2014–07.03.2015
Current condition: put into operation
Address: Ukraine, Globino city

SPA hall includes following spa elements:

Japan spa zone with 4 ofuros:

2 things, sawdust ofuro — for taking bath with sawdust and herbs;
2 things, pebble ofuro — for taking stone therapy on hot stones.

2d Japan spa zone with 2 furakos:

Furako is a font for hot water made of African wood Kambala.

Zone with 2 mosaic fonts:

2.5 m х 2.5 m with sea water;
2.5 m х 2.5 m with ice (cool) water.

Opened and closed type of shower.

Entrance in a big hammam.

Entrance in a smal hammam.

Entrance in a Finnish sauna.

Entrance in a Russian steam room.

Passage into a space with a big pool.

Passage into a space with 2 showers of closed type.

The interior of the SPA hall organically combines the multifunctional space of various SPA areas. SPA elements and inputs to the adjacent premises are optimally arranged in space and focused on operational efficiency. Finishing materials are balanced in color and texture.

DALID, LLC provides professional services in planning, design, engineering and construction of interiors in spa halls, japan spa zones with furako and ofuro, other spa and wellness zones.