Saunas of SPA center

The purpose of an object: Saunas for spa and wellness center ❝Globino❞.

Sauna 1 — 22.3 m² + Sauna 2 — 9.53 m².

Functions of DALID, LLC:

  • planning, development, design, engineering;
  • constructional engineering;
  • general contract (physical implementation).

Implementation: 11.08.2014–03.02.2015
Current condition: put into operation
Address: Ukraine, Globino city

In this project is represented the implementation of two saunas: 22.30 and 9.53 m² in one spa and wellness center ❝Globino❞.

Sauna 22.30 m² is decorated with: walls — lime, shelves — abachi wood.

Sauna 9.53 m² is decorated with: walls and ceiling — Canadian ceder, shelves — abachi wood.

In both saunas along the entire length of wooden chairs with backs is integrated fiber optic lighting effect ❝Northern Lights❞.

In both saunas is built an individual, stationary, wooden stove of fire-bricks, steel and cast iron parts batch.

This stove can't match in the quality of steam with Any industrial electric or woodburning stove.

The temperature of the surface of the stones in such stove reaches 530–640ºC, a dispersion of a steam is on several times lower than in the other type of ovens, therefore a steam doesn't burn the skin, you can breathe freely without difficulty, there is no lack of oxygen in the room.

DALID, LLC provides professional services in planning, design, engineering, construction and finishing of saunas and production of individual ovens for saunas.