Spa hall

The purpose of an object: spa hall in spa and wellness center ❝Globino❞.

Functions of DALID, LLC:

  • planning, development, design, engineering;
  • constructional engineering;
  • general contract (physical implementation).

Hall 1 — 56 m² + Hall 2 — 38 m² = 94 m²
Implementation: 11.08.2014–03.02.2015
Current condition: put into operation
Address: Ukraine, Globino city

This project represents the interior of the spa hall consisting of two adjacent rooms 56 and 38 m² with decorated wooden slats and veneer doors.

The special charm and character to the interior of hall gives a glass dividing wall with doors made individually by the method of artistic fusing.

DALID, LLC provides professional services in planning, design, engineering, construction and finishing of interiors in spa halls and other spa and wellness zones.

Interior decoration with wooden slats, design, development and implementation of various products in the interiors made of fusing, solid wood and natural veneer is also our specialty.