Snow Room

Feel the excitement gained from health-promoting cooling activities together with effective visual relaxation in unique individually adapted environment of a snow room constructed by DALID, LLC.

Be lost in clear winter day, feel an unexpected physical strength, psychological and emotional relaxation and cheerfulness obtained from a rubbing with natural dry snow.

For 8 years DALID, LLC has been remaining a direct producer of snow rooms, has own experimental engineering production where every day enthusiastically generates and perfects innovative solutions and technologies in the sphere of artificial snowing in heat-insulated rooms and spaces constructing high quality products for SPA and Wellness facilities.

Features of snow room technologies:

  • natural dry snow made of purified water without any admixtures;
  • the temperature in a room is set according to a user preference -4: -18 С°;
  • possibility to integrate into bearing wall transparent window parts;
  • significant decrease of power consumption due to the usage of unique equipment and automation systems;
  • minimum room dimensions: external prior heat insulation and decoration works are 1,600х3,000х3,300 (width, length, height); after heat insulation and decoration works are 1,400х2,800х3,200. According to client's wishes it's possible to increase the room dimensions;
  • design from restrained, budgetary, cliff-like, including a refined, with usage of ice-like decoration, up to 3D artistic casting of translucent forms with integrations of fiber-optic system of illumination;
  • integration possibility of technologies for different visual relaxations.


Our snow rooms have been put into production for 7 years. The first room was constructed in 2008 and since that time it has been successfully used. One of the last snow rooms is «GiNoParkTbilisi», constructed in June 2014.

Evolution of possibilities of snow production in heat-insulated rooms and spaces

DALID, LLC has gathered unique successful experience in production of snow rooms and renders professional services of design, development, constructional engineering in the sphere of generation of brand new, unique projects such as:

  • interior installations with dynamical snow effects;
  • ice bar with snow-covered zone;
  • roofed ski descent with natural snow;
  • winter gardens with snowing and cold resistant plants;
  • individual projects development of any level using technologies of artificial snowing and visual decoration in isolated spaces.