Six column-waterfalls in the restaurant ❝LEX❞ Odessa National Law Academy

At entrance of the restaurant visitors are already greeted by wonderful six column waterfalls set harmoniously in two rows.

Steady flow of water moving down the surfaces of columns fascinates, and engraved seaweeds giving the blue light complete an impression.

Balanced mirror effect and visual depth of a scape fits columns perfectly into the interior of the restaurant.

The object and purpose of the project:

Design, design planning, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing in-house followed by installation and commissioning of the six innovative columns-waterfalls in the restaurant "LEX" of the Odessa National Academy of Law.

Duration of the project:

4 months from design to installation with commissioning.

Technical details:

  • Column height — 3.800 mm.
  • Column diameter — 860 mm.
  • The diameter of the lower decantation tank — 1.560 mm.
  • Decor of the lower decantation tank and upper overflow — stainless steel primary treated with copper atoms for the aging effect and the subsequently sputtered with titanium nitride "gold-plated".
  • The total number of linear meters of laser cutting of stainless steel — 930 meters.
  • Total number of weld seam over the stainless steel — 240 m.
  • The total number of parts in the project — 1.600.
  • The total number of optical acrylic — 190 m2.

Features of engineering decor:

With the help of 3D engraving of optical acrylic with integration of directed, LED optics there was achieved an effect of stylized seaweeds giving the blue light.

The visual depth of the body of the column + effect of semimirror surface was achieved by original processing of background and front adjoining surface followed by backing.