Quartzite Hammam Project

Quartzite hammam, marble hammam went through all stages of a sophisticated luxury construction project. The concept of hammam, its design, engineering, construction, lighting, equipment, finishing, initial operation and maintenance were done thoroughly and accurately with “no right to make a mistake”.

The main criteria for the project besides high level equipment was the usage of premium finishing materials with the best aesthetic, functional, tactile qualities and unique features that had positive influence on health.

Hammam size — 3.000х3.600х2.200/2.450.
Location — Kyiv oblast, Obukhiv raion.
Private non-commercial usage.
Put into operation on March 5, 2013.

Finishing materials:

  • quartzite, marble, marble mosaic with manual pre-sanding and polishing;
  • epoxide grouting, water-repellency treatment and waxing;
  • original features in marble finishing such as radial three-contour outline of a dome circle, columns, arch, medallions, kurna (vase), framing of a decorative niche.

Equipment and functional decor:

  • 14kW electric steam generator with high-tech sensor Touch panel  (link to a three-minute video of the panel operation);
  • linear concealed system of dense steam soft supply;
  • automatic rinsing and draining for the steam generator;
  • electric heating of a floor and deck chairs;
  • individual glass door with aluminum frame;
  • main lighting out of LEDs with warm white light and two modes;
  • system "starry sky" 200 dots + 14 Swarovski crystals with the effect of twinkling changing colors gradually;
  • 500х500х350 mm, 80 kg marble kurna (vase) equipped with a dump valve;
  • brass decorative taps for cold and hot water;
  • system of programmable displacement ventilation system concealed in the interior;
  • built-in sensors of air and surfaces temperature;
  • designer linear ladder with mosaic effect;
  • system of hidden draining along the dome circle and deck chairs.

White marble with soft pink streaks on contact surfaces of deck chairs and their backs attracts with its natural pure, luxurious and intoxicating tactility of a warmed-up stone. At the same time it holds the function of a contrast which helps to demonstrate the "deep" textures of quartzite surfaces in all its magnificence.

Quartzite, an extremely interesting material, gives the hammam project its special appeal. In this hammam we used quartzite with deep and unique textured color and pearly shimmer.

Quartzite is considered to be the "eternal stone". It hardly reacts with aggressive environment. Its lifecycle is over 1.500 years. A unique feature of this stone doesn’t lose strength or change internally and externally when it stays continuously in water. Quartzite is acid-resistant. The stone is over 500 million years old.

One of the bright features of quartzite is that it has inclusions that reflect light and create a sparkling effect so called "sun sparks".

Quartzite contains gold and silver, which is known to have antibacterial effect, in addition it has virtually no natural radioactivity. This stone also contains some amounts of tourmaline (precious mineral with therapeutic effect), garnet, muscovite, and this has positive effect on health.

Quartzite absorbs and calms down stressful emotions, helps to save stamina and youth. The stone has a particularly good influence on men. To them the stone brings victories in love life since it mobilizes sexual potential. It’s deemed that quartzite stones grant people with the power of will, strength to endure the difficulties in life, courage and bravery.

So, more and more people understand that their natural habitat is vivid nature and thus more and more of them prefer materials that were created by Mother Earth.