DALID, LLC represents to commercial investors, individual proprietors, operators and owners of hotels, resort, recreational, entertaining and other objects unique solutions and services in the sphere of architecture, design, development and construction of pavilions and pavilion facilities.

The success of our pavilion projects is based on three principles:

  • original vision of architectural concept;
  • optimally organized space;
  • practical and functional innovations.

Inside our pavilion is created a charming atmosphere of style, aesthetic and comfort.

On the base of our pavilions it's possible to implement multi-functional zones such as:

  • innovative platform for SPA- and Wellness-zones;
  • front desk of the resort hotel with a recreation and coffee space;
  • restaurant or coffee with entertaining zone or lounge zone;
  • private exhibition area with recreation space;
  • lounge zone and hall;
  • comprehensive solutions on the base of pavilions and ecohouses;
  • and plenty of other solutions.

We are always glad to welcome you.

DALID, LLC invites you to make ideas of incredible projects successfully come true together with us.