Indian pavilion with palm leaves

Another project performed by Design-engineering bureau company "Biruza" (after rebranding – DALID, LLC) and successfully implemented in September, 2009 — Indian Pavilion with palm leaves. The project was built at the territory of private family residence in Concha Zaspa town, Kiev region.

Even the most gentle breeze is causing pleasant rustling of palm leaves on the roof of a new pavilion evoking memories of Customer’s homeland — India. The customer and his family come originally from India and; according to the design this pavilion should awaken him and his family memories and cause clear but unobtrusive images of the remote homeland.

Decorative functional grottos made ​​of artificial handmade stones with LED backlight, massive beams of glued laminated lumber, columns of round wood, and easily-viewed truss system with the decor of palm leaves evoke the feeling of reliability while successful architecture creates ease for construction perception. Natural materials use of and simple natural forms look as if they were taken from nature.

The innovative concept of this project, a responsible attitude for achieving set goals of both the Customer and the Contractor provided the successful symbiosis of practical functionality and harmonious natural look, as well as excellent integration of a pavilion into the infield landscape architecture.

Object and Purpose of the Project:

Creating of the Indian style pavilion design followed by a physical implementation.

Duration of the Project:

8 months, taking into account a break for implementation of the adjacent landscape works carried out by the Customer.

Close and trusting cooperation with the Customer at the stage of Target specifications development provided a secure basis for the successful implementation of the project.

Key features of the Customer’s Target Specifications developed jointly with the Birjuza Design Office are the following:

  • 6x6 m pavilion dimensions;
  • natural palm leaves roof decoration;
  • presence of massive wooden beams of laminated veneer lumber and round bearing columns;
  • a large bar (of around 600 centimeters) with a functional inside and outside use, laminated veneer lumber facing of a facade, black marble veined with gold facing of work surface. Equipping the bar with the LED optics;
  • floor made of natural marble slabs;
  • functional decor in the form of grottos with artificial white stone niches equipped with LED optics system;
  • one large area for working surface on ornamental grottos of black marble;
  • three types of stationary thermal facilities for cooking (grilled meat; grilled fish; Indian natural clay “Tundur” oven for baking cakes);
  • big specially designed extractor fan;
  • specially designed chimney;
  • equipping with decorative braziers system;
  • equipping with drain sink built in floor;
  • equipping with stainless steel sink with mixer tap;
  • fireproofing palm leaves on the roof;
  • fire protection of palm leaves in the interior decorative ceiling boarding with transparent cast-in polycarbonate;
  • decoration work of vertical walls inside and outside pavilion with artificial white stone.

Birjuza Design Office made every effort to perfectly implement all the wishes listed in the target specifications. This ensured successful embodiment of the project and Customer’s warmest response.

Full compliance of the Customer’s expectations with the final project implementation is our greatest reward.