Four columns of threadlike string waterfalls in the interior of the health resort "Karpaty" in Truskavets city

Customer — “Karpaty” Hotel and health resort” LLC in Truskavets.

Duration of design works — 3 weeks.
Duration of production — 1.5 months.
Duration of installation, starting up and setting up — 1.5 months.
Set in operation on July 1, 2012.

Another successful project of Design-engineering bureau company "Biruza" (after rebranding – DALID, LLC) is the four columns of threadlike string waterfalls in the interior of the health resort “Karpaty” in Truskavets city with the diameter of 1500 mm and height of 3400 mm.

Threadlike string waterfall was chosen by the Customer based on the following factors:

  • attractive, addicted novelty;
  • operational utility;
  • minimal evaporation of water which don’t load the dehumidification system in comparison to the ledge waterfalls;
  • lack of sprinkling;
  • low level of noise pollution;
  • multiple, unique, unusual combinational solutions.

Structurally, each column in a circumferential direction has a segment division into 8 sections made according to an interlace scheme: string waterfall 800 mm, open area, another waterfall.

As a base material for the movement of water flow serves a Mylar thread in the form of a flat, transparent tape of 4x1 mm. Strings in each waterfall are installed at the distance of 30 mm from each other radially on the flat surface.

To enhance visual perception each waterfall is created in the form of two parallel radial plane surfaces made of strings (double waterfall), and parallel plane surfaces of strings are set angularly to the own central axis in opposite directions relative to each other.

A special place in the project takes a unique lighting system. For this project were developed LED spotlights with a unique geometry of beam angle and rate of luminous flux which provided a significant spreading of illumination over necessary areas.

The uniqueness of the lighting system is reflected in the following operational characteristics:

  • does not blind people who are near waterfalls;
  • in the evening are especially expressed the dynamic effects of sparkling drops – the waterfall itself becomes a kind of holistic, unique source of light.