Ecohouse of spa and wellness facilities ❝Bioli❞ — Georgia

In this project DALID, LLC developed a design and engineering design documentation for physical implementation of Ecohouse of spa and wellness facilities ❝Bioli❞ in Georgia.

This ecohouse was developed for small-lot site development on a territory of spa and wellness facilities ❝Bioli❞ — 18 pieces.

The purpose of an object: ecohouse for small-lot site development on a territory of commercial spa and wellness facilities.

Functions of DALID, LLC:

  • planning, development, design, engineering;
  • constructional engineering.

Implementation of design part: 14.06.2015–27.07.2015
Current condition: the physical implementation is conducted by company
Address: Georgia, suburb of Tbilisi

Projects ECOHOUSES are based on the original vision of architectural concept, optimally organized space and practical and functional innovations.


  • modern architecture, optimally organized space, fail-safe design;
  • fully-featured house for recreation on the elevated terrace with year-round use;
  • application of environmentally-friendly materials for the construction and refinement;
  • tangency of terrace and living room visually and physically while opening the expandable system;
  • automatic aluminum expandable system with double-pane insulated glazing Premium with ❝wood❞ graining (absence of door sills, vertical posts at the opening corners of 90 degrees!);
  • self-contained engineering equipment of life activity (ventilation, conditioning, heating, water supply, water carriage, lighting);
  • unmaintainable aerated front finished with natural cedar board;
  • multifunctional constructions of shading;
  • slewing wood — burning fireplace;
  • own SPA;
  • decoration work and interior provision on turnkey terms;
  • possibility of individual planning;
  • attention to small things in all along the line.

Ecohouses by DALID, LLC can be used

  • in private construction;
  • as unique solution and competitive advantage for projects of small-lot site development for commercial purposes.

DALID, LLC provides professional services in planning, design, engineering and construction of ecohouses, spa, pavilions according to own developments and individual orders.

Design, development, provision and implementation of interiors of spa ecohouses and spa pavilions are also our speciality.