Swimming pools

We understand the importance of the support from the very beginning while constructing the swimming pool. This is the reason we offer all relevant information and consult you concerning your project.

pools construction

Design and construction of swimming pools


Concept and development
Technical design
Construction management

pool concept

We develop innovative concepts and consult you concerning your project. DALID offers outdoor, indoor or combined pools with salt or ice water, with overflow or skimmer system for commercial or individual use. We analyze different factors and come up with the ideal solution.

architecture of indoor pools

The architecture has a philosophic nature which shapes the object. It forms its unique features and makes its exterior recognizable. The best architecture can make guests feel happy and inspired, and forms the unforgettable memories both about place and nature.

pool and interior design

The best design solution offers the perfect space planning both for the room where the pool is located and for the pool itself. Our design guarantees the most wonderful moments for your clients.

technical design of pools

Professional technical design includes but is not limited to the following: design of the pool bowl, finishing, equipment, technologies for water preparation and sanitization, wellness items, entertaining items, not to mention the adherence of the safety and hygiene standards.

pool construction

When the pool design is finished, the construction works start according to the project specification.